Mar 2013 19

Dear Fans!

We have just arrived from our Caribbean tour! Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you are performing on your islands. On the 6th of March the group gathered very early at schiphol and we flew with Arke Fly to Curacao. The flight, service and people on board were perfect. Arke Fly understood the fact that we are musicians and we did not experience any problems traveling with our instruments. Everything started very cool on Curacao, we were picked up by taxi Max and brought to our hotel Chogogo Resort. They kindly welcomed us at the Chogogo Resort and over there the rooms were perfect, not to mention the service. We had an exquisite dinner at Zanzibar that night! The food and ambiance was perfect! The next day (7 march) we visited CBA Television and Paradise FM on Curacao. We were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and the reactions. We got the attention we guessed we deserve as Antillian/Aruban artists. Our first performance was on the 8th of March at Zanzibar. In the morning we were sound checking with the tremendous help of Renard Hurtado of Loud and Clear Sound. We lunched at Zanzibar and then again the food and service was perfect!! We would definitely recommend everyone to visit the beach restaurants at Zanzibar. We were totally moved by the amount of people that came to our performance that night! Everything was perfect, the weather, the sound and stage. We totally enjoyed it! The next day we flew to Aruba with DAE. We are very happy with their prompt service, no delay and no hassle with our instruments! We gave some CD’s to the flight crew, furthermore we even had to take the time to sign a copy of our latest album for a flight attendant!

On the 9th we were picked by the guru’s of Vibration PR on Aruba. They had everything very well organized! We stayed at the Brickell Beach Resort on our first night. Our first performance on the island of Aruba was at the Brickell Bay Sand Bar. During the day we were sound checking and we visited the show of DJ Mark Benson at Magic FM. These guys at Magic FM are very professional and they were well informed! We were very excited and happy to see so much fans enjoying the show on Aruba! Once again nothing beats a perfect weather and sound, which was done by the guys of Elite. The next day, which was on a Sunday we enjoyed the island and hopped on the catamaran of the Pelican Adventures! A trip which is definitely worth it when visiting Aruba. During the week we finally got the chance to relax and enjoy the island! We visited many spots and we took the time to make some new hits!! Our next gig was at the Local Store on friday the 15th of March. Once again we were overwhelmed with the amount of fans enjoying the show! Local Store was jam-packed, style saldinichi den bleki, if you know what we mean! We enjoyed some bleki Chill and Balashi beer! Our last performance was at cafe Rembrandt, once again we got the love from our fans and we filled up the place! It was steaming hot on stage but we managed to keep the crowd cool!! The next day we flew back to Curacao with DAE to catch the Arke Fly flight to Holland! Once more we did not experience any delay’s orĀ  problems with our instruments! It was a smooth ride.

We really enjoyed the tour, the opportunity and the islands. This was only possible with the help of our fans, sponsors and promoters. We would personally like to thank ms. Anouk Borrias, ms. Maria Silva and mr. Garrett Koolman (Chill/Balashi) and everyone that contributed in one way and made this possible! We are very thankful and of course we hope to be back soon!