As inexplicable as their name, is their style: a mix of Roots/Reggae with some Caribbean flavor, Hip Hop and a pinch of Rock, which makes them a reggae fusion band. What they have in common is that the most musicians have an Antillean heritage, but what makes them unique is the combination of talented individuals with different upbringings and musical backgrounds. Currently the band consists of members from Aruba, Curacao, Netherlands and Surinam and is based in The Netherlands. The blend of their diversity in style and similarity in culture creates the incomparable Punky Donch sound.

Since the formation of the band in 2008, Punky Donch have released their debut album ‘Gangsta Reggae’ that features songs in both, Papiamentu and English. The singles ‘Sensimilla’ and ‘Mi Kier Bo Awe’ worked their way through the networks of fans and supporters and hit the charts in the Antilles in 2009 and 2010.

That same year, Punky Donch won the European Reggae Contest as ‘Best Reggae/Roots Band Benelux’ and played at Europe’s biggest Reggae festival, the Rototom Sunsplash. After their performance at the Amsterdam Reggae festival, some critics described Punky Donch as ‘one of the revelations’ of the festival and the ‘surprise of the night’. Since then, they have been touring the Netherlands and the Antilles. Early this year they released the first single of the album, called “Rasta Lightning”, which was a big success in Holland and Aruba with high ratings on the weekly charts. Even earning them a nomination for best international band at the British Reggae Industry Awards which will be held in London in 2013. All these accomplishments are quite impressive for an unsigned band. Punky Donch is currently working on their highly anticipated new album which will be released on the 26th of October.

Our main aim is to make good music so we can entertain each and everyone of you while ur out at the club,the beach or even at work or when ur makin LOVE or when ur feeling down or whenever you are doing whatever you do and you can listen to some music while doing it!!